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Demise of Humans

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Having read a numerous amount of books, many of them dealing with the fall of mankind or related events, I have concluded that we (humans) work towards destroying ourselves at an unimaginably fast pace. Take for example, the event that we work towards constantly: clean, renewable energy. We believe the reason we should pursue this renewable source of energy is to ease the burden we are putting on the environment, so we can ensure humanity’s continued existence. One extremely important, yet extremely controversial fact is that the Earth, believe it or not, is beyond old. Around 4 billion years old. That number is so large that we can’t even comprehend how old the Earth really is. Another fact is that humans were not the first, and nor will they be the last, species to roam this planet. So, when we say we are trying to save the Earth and when we observe selfish holidays such as Earth Day, we are really just trying to save ourselves from a slow and painful death. The Earth can quite naturally take care of itself, no matter what we do to it. In fact, in comparison, the damage we have done to the Earth is similar to a healthy human getting a paper-cut. So why do we continue to teach the youth in America that we must save the world? Because the human race is selfish and wants to prolong its existence on this planet. I find that rather annoying especially since we take the Earth for granted. No, I am not a hippie, I’m just someone who doesn’t think as he ought to.