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Remember me, for I would never forget you.

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Well, really I wouldn’t. It is rather surprising how often I think of people that have passed through my life at some point or another. If we ever meet, I will remember you, even if it is just vaguely. Of course the more time we spend together, the more I remember you. I was just thinking of a friend of mine and well listening to this song (I’ll post it at the end) just made me feel all nostalgic. Being a student has its limitations, namely not being able to travel randomly or having the money to do sweet things. But hey, that’s part of life I suppose. I just want to say that I miss you very much. You being the person I was thinking about. 

In other news, I believe this post will be much shorter than yesterdays. I’m just really trying to keep the habit of writing something each day, so bear with me. Content will get much better. Though I’m running out of pictures I like that aren’t of me that I have taken, so I may have to go out and get more. Which should be fun. 😀 

Song of the day:



Written by Kish

February 11, 2014 at 11:14 pm