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Infected Mushroom. Would you try them?

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So I went to one of the coolest shows in a while, and it was an Israeli band by the name of Infected Mushroom. Hella trancy stuff. Anyway, one of my favorite DJs played as well, Butch Clancy. I’m sure I’ve posted some remix of his before on one of these posts (The Funeral by Band of Horses). So he was awesome, then Infected Mushroom just blew me away. Can’t be described. Seriously. And I wasn’t even tripping (I thought about it…). I was with an awesome group of people and I mean it was just awesome. Though they have ridiculously priced drinks there. But it was all good.

Anyway, onto something different. Like. Snow? Nah. Why would I write about snow? This blog post will be rather short unfortunately. Well, it sucks for you guys. I’m about to read Island by Aldous Huxley, so I think I’ll be perfectly okay with ending this post early. It has been loaned to me by probably the most important person in this entire world and even beyond the world. Eh. I worry about posting things like this occasionally, because like I’ve said these are my thoughts. Which is why I typically don’t give out the address to this blog that much. Which probably explains why I’ve had no readers the last few days. Oh well.

I’ll finish with two things: One) look up Infected Mushroom and listen to their songs! Two) Song of the Day: 


Written by Kish

February 9, 2014 at 8:23 pm