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Why? Why? Why?

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I will start out by apologizing. Because that is what people do for some reason. What I’m about to say is simply something that will offend a vast majority of you all. What I am about to say will even offend me, when I am in a different mindset. Fortunately, my brain is capable of having a multifaceted outlook towards life. This particular one is my favorite though, because I do think it’s a real issue that people don’t bother thinking about. Onto offending you. 


Humans. We are the most vile, ignorant, dastardly, idiotic beings. Not all of us. But the majority. What we ought to be is enlightened, but so very few really are such. One of my greatest gripes with humanity is our uncontrollable urge to overpopulate this beautiful Earth. Which leads to pillaging the Earth for her resources. The consequence of which is death. Complete and utter global devastation on a scale that extends through time, rather than just in the present. A bomb devastates in the present, but what we have been doing for the last century extends through time itself. We are killing everything. Why? Because we are selfish. Mind you, I’m restraining from cursing, mostly because I don’t feel it to be necessary at the moment. 

Honestly, why can’t we just control our populations? Why do we have to drill for oil everyfuckingwhere? Whenever I see a poor creature stuck dying in the aftermath of an inevitable oil spill, I honestly feel like… I… I can’t even describe it. Rage and sadness, compassion and hatred, all these feelings that just rush over me, all because we can’t have enough of our precious oil. Keep in mind that for those of you who don’t know me, I’m an incredibly calm person. I don’t get worked up over much in life. 

One might ask, how do we control our population? Well, step one would be to stop having more children. If we were to adhere to that simple step, we could over the course of a few generations, get our population under control. But we can’t do that. Why? Because people are stupid. Many don’t believe in such methods of population control. Such as using birth control. Which brings me to my final point because I don’t like being upset over this for too long, so I feel like finishing this up. Final point. Religion. Why can’t we stop that madness? Just be a peaceful person. Be kind. Be absolute. Just be. Exist in a transcendental state. Find yourself and then cultivate yourself. Help others cultivate themselves. Why mess around with religion? It’s so terrible. If I feel like continuing ranting, I will post another post on just why most religions are awful tomorrow. 

On a cheerful note: Song of the day:

Oh! I took that picture of the amazing art museum here in KC. I am liking this long exposure photography stuff at night. 


Written by Kish

February 14, 2014 at 1:42 am

It’s been quite some time. So here are my thoughts.

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So, yeah. It’s been too long since I’ve blogged. But I had an epiphany. More of an idea. So roll with me, those of you who actually read this particular one.
Okay, so I’ve been thinking, what is our purpose in life. (Bear with me, I know that not all my posts have ever been so optimistic, but I think this one will turn out to be rather optimistic).
Purpose in life. Right. Well, I think that our purpose in life ought to be to live for ourselves. Don’t let other people guide you over a cliff. Guide yourself into the stars.
Basically, here’s how I see it: Live your life, as you wish to live it, but along the way, touch other people’s lives as if it were your own life. Life is above all else sacred.

See, I can do optimism.
Sorry if this is ramble-esque, but it’s just my thoughts as they come along. I don’t script this. I don’t make a rough draft and perfect it. I write it here, so that I know that I’m not the only person in the world with my most inner thoughts. Someone (you) reads them, and hopefully connects with them. Or critiques them. Both are great, as my thoughts are always morphing into newer and better thoughts.

Going off the optimism thing, I’d also like to say that I have rather recently gotten out of a relationship-esque thing. It wasn’t a bad situation or anything, and I believe we are still good friends (always nice to have friends), but it just reminds me of how there are people who tend to be unhappy in this world. I have a message for you people: I should be upset, but I am not. I don’t believe in being upset. If I am ever upset over something, I will probably get over it very quickly, either because I bottle it up and store it in a shelf that only occasionally gets knocked down or because I see a better situation in life up ahead. Despite how bleak life may look at times, no matter how much you want to be in a different situation, life is amazing. Life is beautiful. And (to me, most importantly), life is incredible.

A song I like to listen to that a very special friend of mine introduced me to is “Face Up” by Lights. Here’s a youtube link, if you’re interested:

Okay, that’s it for this rather disorganized post.

Written by Kish

March 20, 2013 at 11:28 pm

Demise of Humans

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Having read a numerous amount of books, many of them dealing with the fall of mankind or related events, I have concluded that we (humans) work towards destroying ourselves at an unimaginably fast pace. Take for example, the event that we work towards constantly: clean, renewable energy. We believe the reason we should pursue this renewable source of energy is to ease the burden we are putting on the environment, so we can ensure humanity’s continued existence. One extremely important, yet extremely controversial fact is that the Earth, believe it or not, is beyond old. Around 4 billion years old. That number is so large that we can’t even comprehend how old the Earth really is. Another fact is that humans were not the first, and nor will they be the last, species to roam this planet. So, when we say we are trying to save the Earth and when we observe selfish holidays such as Earth Day, we are really just trying to save ourselves from a slow and painful death. The Earth can quite naturally take care of itself, no matter what we do to it. In fact, in comparison, the damage we have done to the Earth is similar to a healthy human getting a paper-cut. So why do we continue to teach the youth in America that we must save the world? Because the human race is selfish and wants to prolong its existence on this planet. I find that rather annoying especially since we take the Earth for granted. No, I am not a hippie, I’m just someone who doesn’t think as he ought to.