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Sickness kept me at bay

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But I’m back! Again. Sorry. I meant for this to be much more regular. But then I became ill. Luckily my immune system is more than capable of responding to foreign pathogens.

Anyway. I’ve returned. It snowed finally! A lot too. So I took the opportunity to find myself a rooftop, which was surprisingly easy! The secret to your success, should you follow in my footsteps. Keep following, you’ll get there.

But really, it’s quite easy. I typically choose tall hotel buildings, as hotels are easy to walk into. Just pretend like you belong, and nobody is wiser. I basically walk in, go to the elevators, take it to the top floor, find a staircase, and viola! Rooftop. Of course some of it requires slightly fiddling with a lock occasionally, or more often than not, relying on human error (i.e. someone forgetting to actually lock a door…). You’d be surprised how often the latter is the case. Anyway, I took that picture up there, and might I add my hands were literally frozen. Of course, I have modified the picture a bit in Photoshop, but only levels and such, because that’s important.

Finally, I’ll finish with Bill Nye vs Ken Ham. Bill Nye was amazing! Seriously. Creationism is utterly and completely flawed in its design, whereas the theory of evolution is an actual theory that predicts accurately what we observe. Anyway, a link to that is here:
Watch it. It’s the best 2.5 hours you’ll spend. And it’s Bill Nye, who doesn’t want to see him talk?

And finally, song of the day:


Written by Kish

February 5, 2014 at 2:41 pm