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Sickness kept me at bay

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But I’m back! Again. Sorry. I meant for this to be much more regular. But then I became ill. Luckily my immune system is more than capable of responding to foreign pathogens.

Anyway. I’ve returned. It snowed finally! A lot too. So I took the opportunity to find myself a rooftop, which was surprisingly easy! The secret to your success, should you follow in my footsteps. Keep following, you’ll get there.

But really, it’s quite easy. I typically choose tall hotel buildings, as hotels are easy to walk into. Just pretend like you belong, and nobody is wiser. I basically walk in, go to the elevators, take it to the top floor, find a staircase, and viola! Rooftop. Of course some of it requires slightly fiddling with a lock occasionally, or more often than not, relying on human error (i.e. someone forgetting to actually lock a door…). You’d be surprised how often the latter is the case. Anyway, I took that picture up there, and might I add my hands were literally frozen. Of course, I have modified the picture a bit in Photoshop, but only levels and such, because that’s important.

Finally, I’ll finish with Bill Nye vs Ken Ham. Bill Nye was amazing! Seriously. Creationism is utterly and completely flawed in its design, whereas the theory of evolution is an actual theory that predicts accurately what we observe. Anyway, a link to that is here:
Watch it. It’s the best 2.5 hours you’ll spend. And it’s Bill Nye, who doesn’t want to see him talk?

And finally, song of the day:


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February 5, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Thoughts on a Dreary Day

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ImageSo first off, I want to say that I probably could have taken a better picture, but I like it, as it’s my view from one of my windows. And it’s a golf course covered in snow. Doesn’t get better than that. But with that in mind, it’s been a rather dreary day, as I’ve confined myself to my house, due to me not wanting to spread whatever it is that I am sick with (not sure if it is contagious, but no need to take the risk).

That does give me time to think. So here I shall convey my thoughts on religion, as I often seem to do on this blog…

I’ll start by merely saying that I respect all religions equally, despite them not respecting each other. I don’t quite understand what it is about religion that makes it more alluring than the pursuit of knowledge. So my basic understanding of following a religion is that it gives you purpose in life, and that it supposedly answers those questions to which there is not an answer to currently. Questions such as how did life come about.
Well, I feel that those two things, purpose and answering unanswered questions, can be for the most part attained by the pursuit of knowledge. I have a slight bias towards the sciences as I consider them to be awesome, but hey, any knowledge is good knowledge. So why is it that you follow your religion, because if it is at your belief’s core not one of the two things I mentioned, I clearly haven’t given it much thought, and I would like to do so.

Right, so here are my ending thoughts: a bit of a sidebar actually, but I just got super annoyed by my mother again. I feel like being superstitious is grounds for ridicule. But I respect my mother enough to not tell her that she’s wrong. She thinks that spending too much time on a computer/cell phone can lead to cancer because of some silly chain e-mail. Stupid, I know. I do realize that spending too much time in front of a computer is detrimental to your general well being, and I don’t spend that much time in front of one when I’m not sick. But it doesn’t cause cancer. That’s simply ridiculous. Annoyances aside, these are my thoughts, and now I will leave you with one of the greatest playlists of all time (it’s precisely 5 hours and 40 minutes of amazing instrumental music): 
A few notable songs from it: He Films the Clouds pt. 2 by Maybeshewill, Shifting Sands Wreck Ships by Lights Out Asia, and one of my favorites: I’ll See You When I See You, and I Hope This Will Be, Won’t Be Soon… by Pie Are Squared. In fact I like that song so much, that I’ll link it here as well:

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March 24, 2013 at 10:03 pm

It’s been awhile.. Religion

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Sorry I haven’t posted recently, to those who care. Today, I shall refer to religion. I find the concept of religion so vast and incomprehensible. I understand this is a very controversial topic, and so please understand that I do not mean to offend anybody out there. So anyway, vast, because most of the religions I  have learned of, which would include Christianity, Hinduism (me), and Muslim, are all extremely vague. For example, all three believe that if you don’t believe their religion, then you go to a bad place. That actually falls under incomprehensible. Anyway, another incomprehensible part is how each religion says that they are the right one. Another reason it is vast is because of how irrelevant time is in any religion. Also, if the geographic record doesn’t fail me, modern day humans Homo sapiens have only recently come around. If, God or the gods made us in His or their image, why then did said entity make dinosaurs? Why did they roam this earth for a longer period of time than humans have? Did God or the gods (remember, He or they are perfect) make a mistake? The theory of evolution (notice, no caps) is a very sound theory in my opinion and makes more sense than any religious text I have read. Yet, many refuse to believe it and others say it was God’s or the gods’ plan to make evolution work the way it does. Yet these same texts once again reference to the modern-day human being made in the image of his “Creator.” Also, belief can only go so far. When you ask a devout religious person for evidence, other than any texts of past, for the existence of God or the gods or of Heaven (which is common amongst most religions), or even of reincarnation, the person would say you must believe it. Well, many people believe they will make a great impact on the world, yet they die unheard of by anyone outside their family. Some boast of amazing feats, yet when asked, make fools of themselves. I understand that I have my own, no doubt ambitious, beliefs, but I also realize which ones seem ridiculous.

Perhaps I think with a scientific mind, or perhaps I’m a human ahead of my time, ready for another era, but I don’t believe in any religion. Nor do I classify myself as an atheist or an agnostic. To classify myself as any of the religious sects, or as an atheist or agnostic would be to acknowledge religion in general, which I believe should not exist in the first place. Why recognize myself to be a part of a world I’m not?

More on this some other day.

Written by Kish

November 2, 2010 at 7:34 pm