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I rise yet again, after my year long hiatus.

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I certainly hope that someone out there read my blog and was disappointed with my absence. But that would be asking a bit much. I’ve been away. True. But not away from anywhere in particular, just this place. I guess with exams and stuff last year, I must have forgotten. Sorry!

So what have I done since then? Well. That’s not important, since this is mostly my innermost thoughts. So my actions are of little importance here. Though seeing as it is my blog, I’ll pretty much put whatever I feel like on here.

I’ll apologize once again, but this time for my rusty writing ability. Apparently it’s been awhile. I’ll get back in the loop hopefully. I’m running out of insane pictures!

I’d like to leave you with a few final thoughts: Red Bull is bad for you. No matter how sexy the women who give it away may appear. Though, that blueberry flavored one is delicious. And Bill Gates is awesome. Just everything he and Melinda Gates do with their foundation and all the charity work. Gives me hope that humanity isn’t all bad after all. Then I listen to some random republican congressman threaten to throw a reporter off a balcony. But hey. Look at the positives!

Finally, I’ll keep this music thing going. Really do like this song:

Edit: I took that picture. 😀


Written by Kish

January 31, 2014 at 12:13 am