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Living in a Circle

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ImageDon’t you tire of the same routine every day? I feel as if our lives are designed in a cyclic manner. Well, not designed, but molded into. We do the same thing. Day after day, night after night. Nobody wants to do that, but we do. We con ourselves into believing we don’t by some varied sporadic activities, such as you reading this, but you can lump that into time allotted to sporadic activities. When you put it that way, you realize that you spend x amount of time looking at random things, while the rest of your day is the typical routine. Why can’t we be atypical?

I think society is what prevents us from being atypical. Personal example: I’m in school working on my B.S. in biology, eventually to work my way up to a neurosurgeon. We’ll see about that. I find neuroscience to be very very interesting, and would love nothing more than to study it for the rest of my life. But, with that, I fall into the cyclical pattern of doing the same thing, despite the fact that it may be fun, it will at one point become monotonous. Now, I also want to travel the world, and master a few extreme activities. While that should be a break from the cyclical life, it really isn’t. Why should I look forward to ‘vacations?’ I shouldn’t have to. Why can’t I just do what I want to do whenever I feel like it? That would be acyclic.

Having order in life is necessary, but it shouldn’t govern your life. I will try to write a post on my blog every night. That is order. It does not govern what I plan on doing though. This sounds like I’m rambling, but it’s my way of telling you to break free. I only hope that I can break free one day. My ideal life would be that of the Doctor. Alas, fictional lives aren’t real.

Edit: playlist of the night: (I may have posted this already, but hey. It’s what I’m listening to.)


Written by Kish

March 25, 2013 at 9:54 pm

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