The World is Not Ours

It’s been quite some time. So here are my thoughts.

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So, yeah. It’s been too long since I’ve blogged. But I had an epiphany. More of an idea. So roll with me, those of you who actually read this particular one.
Okay, so I’ve been thinking, what is our purpose in life. (Bear with me, I know that not all my posts have ever been so optimistic, but I think this one will turn out to be rather optimistic).
Purpose in life. Right. Well, I think that our purpose in life ought to be to live for ourselves. Don’t let other people guide you over a cliff. Guide yourself into the stars.
Basically, here’s how I see it: Live your life, as you wish to live it, but along the way, touch other people’s lives as if it were your own life. Life is above all else sacred.

See, I can do optimism.
Sorry if this is ramble-esque, but it’s just my thoughts as they come along. I don’t script this. I don’t make a rough draft and perfect it. I write it here, so that I know that I’m not the only person in the world with my most inner thoughts. Someone (you) reads them, and hopefully connects with them. Or critiques them. Both are great, as my thoughts are always morphing into newer and better thoughts.

Going off the optimism thing, I’d also like to say that I have rather recently gotten out of a relationship-esque thing. It wasn’t a bad situation or anything, and I believe we are still good friends (always nice to have friends), but it just reminds me of how there are people who tend to be unhappy in this world. I have a message for you people: I should be upset, but I am not. I don’t believe in being upset. If I am ever upset over something, I will probably get over it very quickly, either because I bottle it up and store it in a shelf that only occasionally gets knocked down or because I see a better situation in life up ahead. Despite how bleak life may look at times, no matter how much you want to be in a different situation, life is amazing. Life is beautiful. And (to me, most importantly), life is incredible.

A song I like to listen to that a very special friend of mine introduced me to is “Face Up” by Lights. Here’s a youtube link, if you’re interested:

Okay, that’s it for this rather disorganized post.


Written by Kish

March 20, 2013 at 11:28 pm

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