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What is true?

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We live in this universe. Is it necessarily a universe? Why can’t there be more?

Are there other places with life? I say yes. Do I know this? No. If I had said no, would I still know that? No.

Ever wonder about time? I did today. Time is such a strange concept. Think about it. Not the twenty-four hours you are used to, but rather time as in the world spinning makes time. When you look at a star in the sky, you are looking into the past. So the real question is, is there a present? Is there a future? I don’t know. Present can’t possibly exist if every moment is lost to the past. Just think about it. This moment in life, you are reading, but time is also moving, which makes one wonder, do you exist in that moment still, even if time has moved on? Try not to think of time in intervals. Try rather, to think of it as a continuum. You, nor I, know the shape of this continuum, it could be linear, or it could be a shape we have yet to discover.

Space is the place where everything is. Just is. All the dimensions exist in space. Our ‘universe’ resides in space, ever-expanding. So if space contains everything, would that mean that there is a moment somewhere where you were existing just a few moments ago? Or would it mean, since time is a continuum, that there are infinite copies of you living simply in the moment? Time-lapse photography may help explain this. Take a blooming flower for example. The flower blooms, yet in those pictures, there is proof of when it hadn’t bloomed yet. So does that flower still exist in a state where it hasn’t bloomed somewhere in space?

Stuff to think about, yes?

So, say that infinite copies exist. They are free to choose as they wish, just as you are to choose whatever you wish. Bloom, or don’t bloom. That would mean that nothing is definite. Which leads me to wonder, what is the┬átruth?


Written by Kish

February 17, 2011 at 5:25 pm

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