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Where are we?

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What happened? The world, it’s so serene, so peaceful, so calm. Where did the turbulence go? Why is it necessary? Why must life be stressful? Why can we not live without stress? Because it is necessary to survive. Without stress, one would go insane. They wouldn’t know reality from fiction, and would live in a dream essentially. Is that what people in a coma think like? I don’t know. I haven’t been in a coma. One day, perhaps I will, but that is for another time.

Did you know that you can learn about yourself? As in you don’t know who you are. Ever. Unless you are really good at knowing yourself. Then you do. But most people go their entire lives without ever finding out who they are. Wanna learn how? Well, join me in this thing called lucid dreaming. Google it. Well, Google “How to lucid dream” and you’ll get some interesting psychology websites. Anyway, once you master the technique, then be sure to ask yourself questions when you lucidly dream, because you are directly talking to your sub-conscious mind and it will directly answer you. It’s supposed to be awesome. I wouldn’t know, as this takes a lot of practice before you are this good. Sounds almost like Inception, doesn’t it?

Don’t lose yourself though. Reality is amazing, despite the stress, because anything, and I mean anything is possible while lucidly dreaming.



Written by Kish

January 25, 2011 at 5:58 pm

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