The World is Not Ours

Material and Immaterial

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An alternate reality. Sure, we all have heard of it. That thing where everything is the flip or mirror of the real world. No. That is not true. It is a separate world, entirely existing on its own, wait for it, without human interference. Well. There are humans, but they don’t blatantly abuse the other world as they do in this one. Equal parts of everything exists in this world, for example, if you apply a force to an object, an equal and opposite force is applied to you. Also, if you were to shoot a gun, an equal and opposite recoil is sent back, although the absorption of the shock may not be felt by you. Similarly, the numerical system has its opposites. One and negative one, each opposites, meeting at zero. So we now think to dark matter. We have stars, then we have black holes. We have galaxies, only to have dark nothingness. And I believe we have multiverses, each matched by an anti-verse filled with anti-matter. The laws of the dimensions must be upheld. All of these forces are pushing and pulling at each other, all eventually reaching a single point, zero, or in this case nothing. Eons later, long after our galaxy has met its eventual end, our verse, our universe as we call it, will also become nothing, along with its parallel anti-verse. They will reach equilibrium and be nothing. Unfortunately, the human mind cannot comprehend the scale this is happening at, nor can we imagine the magnitude of what I am saying.

If you say anti-matter does not exist, well first of all you are seriously misinformed, but you also must broaden your mind. In this material world, we see everything, but somewhere, in that anti-verse, currently fighting our universe, the exact opposite of the material world exists, the immaterial world so to speak. Existence is limited, only to the extent of our vision. What lies beyond it, we know not, therefore it may or may not exist. We, as a species, tend to stick with it not existing. But what lies beyond our universe? Let me tell you: we’ll never know. But, I can speculate that our anti-verse is there, slowly but surely pushing in at our ever expanding universe, and when it wins, it will disintegrate both places, and everything material and immaterial along with it.


Written by Kish

November 17, 2010 at 8:39 pm

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