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Well, I apologize again, to those who read this, but I have much to do. Also, I always get many great thoughts, but they are at the most inconvenient times of the day, and I tend to lose those thoughts to the deep reaches of my mind. So on that note, this one is about my wonderment at the human mind/conscious/subconscious. I believe that we don’t ever truly forget. We are incapable of truly forgetting. Our brain is capable of feats beyond imagining, and I’m quite positive one is that of never forgetting. Surely everyone has found themselves remembering a moment of the past, which to others seems unimportant, and even to you it seems that way, yet you remember it. That useless memory.

I believe that, despite it being useless, it teaches us something about ourselves. Why did you remember it? I don’t know. You don’t know. But there must be a reason. Similarly, as we remember useless information, many other things about life are remembered as well, but not always consciously. Many have heard of the amazing powers of the sub-conscience, and if not, just look it up. In a reputable article please. Anyway, the sub-conscious mind, that part of you that thinks without your consent, unintentionally, keeps everything you’ve ever encountered stored up there somewhere. But, sometimes, a little of that information will leak into your conscious mind. Like that seemingly useless memory. The subconscious part of you, if you were too lazy or just haven’t gotten around to it yet, can capture and interpret/comprehend material at a rate much faster than you can consciously. For example, some time ago, movies would splice the film reel and place one frame with the picture of a soda and popcorn into it, with the intention that the viewers would suddenly feel as if they need to buy some food from the concession stands. It worked. Yet nobody knew why. That is because one frame is invisible when a movie is playing at 27 to 30 frames per second. But somehow, your subconscious mind captured it. Weird right? Thankfully that practice has been outlawed, but if you are intrigued, Fight Club does a semi-good job at showing you the frame splicing although they show the ‘frame’ for many frames so you can see it…

That is all for now. I think my next post shall be of religion. again.


Written by Kish

November 9, 2010 at 6:37 pm

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