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Material and Immaterial

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An alternate reality. Sure, we all have heard of it. That thing where everything is the flip or mirror of the real world. No. That is not true. It is a separate world, entirely existing on its own, wait for it, without human interference. Well. There are humans, but they don’t blatantly abuse the other world as they do in this one. Equal parts of everything exists in this world, for example, if you apply a force to an object, an equal and opposite force is applied to you. Also, if you were to shoot a gun, an equal and opposite recoil is sent back, although the absorption of the shock may not be felt by you. Similarly, the numerical system has its opposites. One and negative one, each opposites, meeting at zero. So we now think to dark matter. We have stars, then we have black holes. We have galaxies, only to have dark nothingness. And I believe we have multiverses, each matched by an anti-verse filled with anti-matter. The laws of the dimensions must be upheld. All of these forces are pushing and pulling at each other, all eventually reaching a single point, zero, or in this case nothing. Eons later, long after our galaxy has met its eventual end, our verse, our universe as we call it, will also become nothing, along with its parallel anti-verse. They will reach equilibrium and be nothing. Unfortunately, the human mind cannot comprehend the scale this is happening at, nor can we imagine the magnitude of what I am saying.

If you say anti-matter does not exist, well first of all you are seriously misinformed, but you also must broaden your mind. In this material world, we see everything, but somewhere, in that anti-verse, currently fighting our universe, the exact opposite of the material world exists, the immaterial world so to speak. Existence is limited, only to the extent of our vision. What lies beyond it, we know not, therefore it may or may not exist. We, as a species, tend to stick with it not existing. But what lies beyond our universe? Let me tell you: we’ll never know. But, I can speculate that our anti-verse is there, slowly but surely pushing in at our ever expanding universe, and when it wins, it will disintegrate both places, and everything material and immaterial along with it.


Written by Kish

November 17, 2010 at 8:39 pm

More thoughts on religion

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If you have any slight interest in psychology and the religions of the world, then you should know that many say that religion ‘started’ because of man being a social animal. So isolated people would ‘imagine’ something and basically came up with religion. I am not going to deny your views, nor will I affirm them, for I am not an agnostic, nor am I atheist, yet I also don’t believe in any religion. I am merely a human. If you’ve read my previous post regarding religion, you already know this. So my hypothesis on religion is that the fact that everything we know of in this world was made by something. So, similarly, religious folk will tend to believe that the only plausible explanation for life on Earth, and for the universe and for anything material is that God, or the gods, created it. Ever since we grew up, we have always known something being built ultimately by someone else. That toy you played with, made in a factory run by people. The carpet you walked on was made by someone. The computer you are reading this on was made by someone in Taiwan. So naturally, some extremely bored people must have wondered where life in general came from? Where did the cosmos, as they said back in the day, come from? So evolution is often ruled out here, because many will say that the chances of us just so happening to come around are slim, and the possibility that we evolved from a monkey is apparently terrifying. To put it simply of course.

Oh, so in case you were wondering if there is intelligent life elsewhere, I say yes. Many religions will say that we are the only ones. The possibility of this is utterly non-existent. Not to mention it would be a waste of space, both literally and figuratively. So where did life come from? Well, I for one don’t know. My theory is that life started deep in the ocean, on the ocean floor. While the atmosphere of the Earth was inhabitable, deep in the ocean life started. Eventually came up the water column, and evolved into the current life forms we know today. Where the planets came from? I agree with the Big Bang Theory. It’s a quite sound theory if you’re willing to listen to it. The major question in that is where the initial particles came from. That is a question I could not answer, and if you attempt to think to long about it, your mind will probably go insane. Space and time is a concept we humans can’t quite grasp.

So basically religion stemmed from man’s social attitude and man’s arrogant belief that everything was ultimately made by someone.

Written by Kish

November 10, 2010 at 6:39 pm

This brilliant brain of ours

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Well, I apologize again, to those who read this, but I have much to do. Also, I always get many great thoughts, but they are at the most inconvenient times of the day, and I tend to lose those thoughts to the deep reaches of my mind. So on that note, this one is about my wonderment at the human mind/conscious/subconscious. I believe that we don’t ever truly forget. We are incapable of truly forgetting. Our brain is capable of feats beyond imagining, and I’m quite positive one is that of never forgetting. Surely everyone has found themselves remembering a moment of the past, which to others seems unimportant, and even to you it seems that way, yet you remember it. That useless memory.

I believe that, despite it being useless, it teaches us something about ourselves. Why did you remember it? I don’t know. You don’t know. But there must be a reason. Similarly, as we remember useless information, many other things about life are remembered as well, but not always consciously. Many have heard of the amazing powers of the sub-conscience, and if not, just look it up. In a reputable article please. Anyway, the sub-conscious mind, that part of you that thinks without your consent, unintentionally, keeps everything you’ve ever encountered stored up there somewhere. But, sometimes, a little of that information will leak into your conscious mind. Like that seemingly useless memory. The subconscious part of you, if you were too lazy or just haven’t gotten around to it yet, can capture and interpret/comprehend material at a rate much faster than you can consciously. For example, some time ago, movies would splice the film reel and place one frame with the picture of a soda and popcorn into it, with the intention that the viewers would suddenly feel as if they need to buy some food from the concession stands. It worked. Yet nobody knew why. That is because one frame is invisible when a movie is playing at 27 to 30 frames per second. But somehow, your subconscious mind captured it. Weird right? Thankfully that practice has been outlawed, but if you are intrigued, Fight Club does a semi-good job at showing you the frame splicing although they show the ‘frame’ for many frames so you can see it…

That is all for now. I think my next post shall be of religion. again.

Written by Kish

November 9, 2010 at 6:37 pm

It’s been awhile.. Religion

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Sorry I haven’t posted recently, to those who care. Today, I shall refer to religion. I find the concept of religion so vast and incomprehensible. I understand this is a very controversial topic, and so please understand that I do not mean to offend anybody out there. So anyway, vast, because most of the religions I  have learned of, which would include Christianity, Hinduism (me), and Muslim, are all extremely vague. For example, all three believe that if you don’t believe their religion, then you go to a bad place. That actually falls under incomprehensible. Anyway, another incomprehensible part is how each religion says that they are the right one. Another reason it is vast is because of how irrelevant time is in any religion. Also, if the geographic record doesn’t fail me, modern day humans Homo sapiens have only recently come around. If, God or the gods made us in His or their image, why then did said entity make dinosaurs? Why did they roam this earth for a longer period of time than humans have? Did God or the gods (remember, He or they are perfect) make a mistake? The theory of evolution (notice, no caps) is a very sound theory in my opinion and makes more sense than any religious text I have read. Yet, many refuse to believe it and others say it was God’s or the gods’ plan to make evolution work the way it does. Yet these same texts once again reference to the modern-day human being made in the image of his “Creator.” Also, belief can only go so far. When you ask a devout religious person for evidence, other than any texts of past, for the existence of God or the gods or of Heaven (which is common amongst most religions), or even of reincarnation, the person would say you must believe it. Well, many people believe they will make a great impact on the world, yet they die unheard of by anyone outside their family. Some boast of amazing feats, yet when asked, make fools of themselves. I understand that I have my own, no doubt ambitious, beliefs, but I also realize which ones seem ridiculous.

Perhaps I think with a scientific mind, or perhaps I’m a human ahead of my time, ready for another era, but I don’t believe in any religion. Nor do I classify myself as an atheist or an agnostic. To classify myself as any of the religious sects, or as an atheist or agnostic would be to acknowledge religion in general, which I believe should not exist in the first place. Why recognize myself to be a part of a world I’m not?

More on this some other day.

Written by Kish

November 2, 2010 at 7:34 pm